Pectus publishing house, Košice 2015

Zdenko Fajčák: Without a Space Bar

Not only does literature take no notice of the world of contemporary outsiders, but it does not usually happen that anti-heroes, sometimes coming from a cyberpunk background, are unsettled by situations when seemingly nothing happens. The way they communicate points out rather non-sense outside them than emptying of their speech. This comes to expression perhaps in the most fitting manner in the short story The Pit, which gives a whole picture of the mire of the society. After reading a couple of short stories there is a trace which forces us to think that that it is possible to get over absurd, rough and mistaken circumstances only by irony and keeping distance from events. Certainly, he who has enough to eat does not believe the one who does not. Fortunately, Fajčák is not put off by his attitude. He creates his own truth in the short stories. So is it not so bad in reality? Even worse for reality.