As the non-commercial publishing house, we have achieved many successes in the book market with our titles. We would like you to become its member, too. The best solution is a support of own brand in the valuable fiction. Favourable effect can be achieved by the only well-known way which is very effective in the whole world – by placing a logo into a book. You don’t need a lot of money on your advert in books.

Black and white logo on the last but one page of the book: 200, - € inclusive of VAT
Black and white logo on the front editorial page: 300, - € inclusive of VAT
Coloured logo on the back side of the cover: 500, - € inclusive of VAT

Do not hesitate to contact us by a phone or e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Except an enclosed logo, do not forget to send your invoice data. After drawing an invoice and its paying, we will give your logo into our nearest published book. We will also place your logo on our web pages, possibly with a link on your company’s web, if it exists. We will send you 5 copies of the book which is distributed by us in the whole Slovakia. So you can e.g. present your workers with a copy. In the case of a circulation of 500 copies, which is usually realized in the valuable fiction, your advert will cost at the lowest typesetting in one copy only 0,4 €. By the same sum along with others, you will actually support the publication of one copy which we are financing. When you notify us that your logo should appear on the page separately, we will respect it.