Our company except of publishing activity offers to firms this possibilities of advertising:

1. According to ideas of customer we realize an image profile of firm in format 105 x 160 mm (poetry) or 120 x 190 mm (prose) into our expended publication. So the firms abroad can support their national authors in edition Externum aimed for translating literary work. Under all-Slovakia publicity of the book in media, we feature for media partners, that the book was published with your financial contribution. Although, from the rating point of view the edition won’t make the mass presentation to your firm, we enable you to get slovak community know about your support of the culture in literary sphere from the radio, TV and from the other printed and non-printed media. The foreseeing part of population appreciate the cultural activities support, which has more favourable effect for the firm, bringing them into a good light and this is the difference from the mass adverts mostly ignored by the population.
2. So Pectus publishing house as a literary agent represents the interests of many other slovak writers, by this system we backwards provide for slovak firms the foreign advertising of their company in literary publications of our authors published by publishing houses abroad – in France, Spain, Polland, Hungary, Germany, Russia etc.
3. We offer for the firms the professional web presentations according to their requirements and financial possibilities with each sponsored book in the virtual bookshop Pectus, we indicate the link on the website of your firm, in order to increase the number of customers by its visiting. We also accept the orders for art calendars, representative catalogs and the other printed material, which we design into a final form.
4. We appreciate an initiative of any sponsors (selfgovernments, foundations, banks, funds, private persons) to help not only to the book projects, but also to cultural activities in literary and graphic sphere presentating on the public. Our favourers can support us through account number SK88 8330 0000 0028 0116 1890, BIC: FIOZSKBA.
5. The simplest option of an advert in a book is placing a company’s logo into the publication published by us. Price list of individual logo positions is situated in the section Books Sponsorship.