• Pectus publishing house, Košice 2016

    Litteriada 2016

    In the anthology Litteriada 2016 are literary extracts of authors presented at the 4th year of international literary festival. The novelist Zdenko Fajčák and the poet Marián Hatala are the representatives of the Slovak literature at the festival, Karl Grenzler represents the German literature and Stefan Jurkowski and Marek Petrykowski are the Polish representatives. Poetry has dominance this time. It seems that the authors are associated with the self-reflection poetry typical for the present. But it does not mean they ignore the current social problems. They peculiarly and often with keeping on top of things and the ironic distance discuss the politics, social networks and other maladies. At the same time human relations are not ignored in their own stance. They pay attention to dilemmas, collision and the human drama without which the art would be worthless. Independently from the text level that cannot be shared in the same way by authors, they offer their voice incidentally, quietly and more likeably and so they are not trying to get attention at any price.

  • Pectus publishing house, Košice 2010

    Litteriada 2010

    Litteriada is an international literary festival organized in Košice. Anthology Litteriada 2010 was created for the purpose of presenting the production of participants of second year of this festival to the widest possible readership. In times of the culture's politicizing, in the amount of commercial titles, a helpless reader gets into the situation that he asks what is the quality of books and whether it has meaning to discover their content. This publication enables him to orient himself by its maybe too narrow selection from an upper shelf; it should help him choose in order not to waste time by reading. In the anthology, poetry is represented by Poles (Marek Wawrzkiewicz, Elżbieta Musiał, Marta Świderska-Pelinko) and one Lithuanian (Vladas Braziūnas), prose is offered by Lithuanian (Birutė Jonuškaitė), Austrian (Beppo Beyerl), German (Martin Becker) and by two Slovaks (Ľudovít Petraško, Peter Karpinský). The texts are various, as are the writers, but they are connected by one thing: authors seek the everlasting values in literature, they pay attention to the artistic quality of own works before they get on a book market in their country. They heartily invite you on a feast where demanding and sensitive gourmets know how to appreciate the unique courses because they change them the everydayness into the poetry, they change a meaning of their existence.