General Commercial Conditions of the Pectus Publishing House
applying to purchasing through the electronic sales

Art. 1
Method of placing orders

The electronic trading or auctioning system may be used for purchasing only by registered clients, who then benefit from a number of advantages. After placing a binding order for goods, the purchaser will receive a message by e-mail confirming his/her order. The order is at the same time a proposal for a purchase contract, which comes into effect when the goods are physically delivered. Orders may be placed by sending an e-mail message to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., in which the client must state the specification of the goods, the number of items of each type of goods, and his/her address and telephone number. By ordering goods the client agrees with the commercial conditions set out below, having familiarized him/herself with them and understood their content. At the same time s/he consents to the processing of her/his personal data, which the seller undertakes not to provide to any third parties, except to the delivery company and only to the extent enabling the shipment to be delivered to the correct address.

Art. 2
Client's obligations

The client undertakes to pay the price of the ordered goods in full and in advance, in accordance with the payment conditions applying on the day the goods are dispatched, and to inspect the shipment to ensure it has not been damaged by the deliverers, and in the event of any damage being found, to inform the seller of this fact. If the client is unable for some reason to take delivery of the shipment at the first attempt, it will be delivered again at his/her request once the repeat "postage and packaging" charges have been paid. The premium for insurance of the shipment is also payable upon delivery of the artwork. If the client has placed a further order in the meantime, this sum will not be added to the total price of the second order, and the goods from the first order will be packaged together with the second shipment.

Art. 3
Seller's obligations

The seller undertakes to process each order in accordance with the purchaser's specifications, and to protect the goods with appropriate packaging to prevent their becoming damaged during shipping. If the shipment is an artwork, the seller will also insure it. The seller cannot be held responsible for late delivery of any shipment caused by a third party, such as the deliverer, or for late delivery due to incorrectness of the address provided by the client, or for any damage to the shipment caused by a third party, or for the content itself of the books or artworks supplied. The selection of the type of goods made by the client is binding; the claims procedure does not apply if the purchaser finds that his/her selection does not meet his/her expectations.

Art. 4
Prices of goods

All prices are quoted inclusive of VAT (the rate for books is 10%), and are valid for the day on which an order is received. The Pectus publishing house does not supply goods to book distributors on a sale or return basis. The price of goods includes the applicable postage and packaging charges. For orders within Slovakia we apply a standard postage and packaging charge. The seller requires payment in advance for each order, based on the pro forma invoice. If the goods consist of artworks bought during bidding in the auction system, but not goods which are not collected on first delivery, then the charge for postage and packaging as well as insurance of the shipment will be paid by the seller. The insurance premium rate is set by the tariff of the Slovakian Mail, or by the tariff of a foreign delivery company.

Art. 5
Delivery times

Orders of books from the Pectus publishing house are processed within 24 hours, and for titles from other publishers as well as other types of goods usually within 3 working days, if the goods are not in stock. Orders are processed continuously during working hours, so clients can check the status of their orders after logging into the system. Purchasers must reckon with the possibility of delays caused by the deliverers, which the seller cannot be held responsible for.

Art. 6
Methods of delivery and payment

Goods are sent out in "letter" or "parcel" form using the Slovakian Mail service or a foreign delivery company. Proof of sale is the invoice (which is also a tax document), which forms part of each shipment as a delivery note and certificate of guarantee at the same time. Clients are asked to make their payments in advance through e-banking or by visiting their own bank branch and transferring funds to account number SK88 8330 0000 0028 0116 1890 (in Slovakia – for payments from abroad use IBAN: SK88 8330 0000 0028 0116 1890 and BIC: FIOZSKBA). Payment consists of settling the amount of the pro forma invoice through bank transfer. Goods are dispatched immediately after the client's payment is registered in the account of Pectus publishing house. With regard to orders from outside Slovakia, precise conditions may be agreed in advance concerning the methods of delivery and payment. Postage and packaging and insurance premium charges depend namely on the tariff of the foreign delivery company.

Art. 7
Cancellation of orders and return of goods

The purchaser may cancel an order without stating the reason up to 24 hours after placing it, either by logging into the system or by sending e-mail to the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (it is necessary to quote the order number). If the client has already paid, the money will be refunded to his/her account within 7 working days. In line with Slovakian Law no.108/2000 Statutes (§12 of the Law on Protection of Consumers in Mail-order Sales), the client may return goods within 7 days of taking delivery. In the event that the client decides to do so without stating the reason, s/he must return the goods to the seller's address within the given period together with the invoice and a written request for refund. The seller will transfer funds to the client's account without unreasonable delay, having checked the shipment and if necessary deducting the postage and packaging charge (the client must bear the costs of returning the goods). In the case of auction sales an additional sum amounting to 20% of the price of the artwork will be deducted as financial indemnity. If the client returns a shipment to the seller without stating the reason, his/her further order will be processed in line with Art. 2 of these General Commercial Conditions. If a shipment is returned after payment in advance and with no fault on the part of the client, but through the evident fault of the deliverers, the seller will send it again with no extra charge upon agreement with the purchaser. In the event of evident fault on the part of the purchaser, the seller will again proceed in line with Art. 2 above.

Art. 8
Claims conditions

Pursuant to Slovakian law, a guarantee period of 24 months applies to all goods starting from the day of delivery of the goods. In the event of noticeable damage to a shipment caused by the deliverers, the purchaser should not accept the delivery and inform the seller promptly of this fact by e-mail. Once delivery of a shipment is accepted by a client, the seller is not obliged to accept any such claim. The claims procedure applies only to faults evidently caused by the manufacturer (in the case of books, repeated sections of text or missing pages, for example), not to faults caused by the consumer in the normal usage of the goods. On taking delivery of a shipment, the client must check that the goods supplied correspond with the items mentioned on the invoice, and also that the invoice details fully match those of the original order. In the event of any kind of discrepancy, the client must make this known to the seller by sending an e-mail to the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within three working days, quoting the invoice number and order number. Claims may be recognized for the delivery of goods which do not correspond with the content of the purchaser's binding order.

Art. 9
Claims procedure

In the event of a claim the faulty goods (together with the invoice and a copy of the confirmation of acceptance of the shipment from the deliverer) must be sent with a statement of the reason for the claim to the seller's address at the client's expense. Faulty goods will be exchanged for others, or the client's money will be refunded (but postage and other similar costs will not be paid back). Damage suffered by any goods returned by the client, if they have not been suitably packaged, may result in the claim not being recognized. Recognized claims will be processed and discrepancies corrected at the seller's expense and without unnecessary delay.

Art. 10
Claims processing period

The seller will decide whether or not to recognize a claim within three days at the latest after receiving goods returned by the purchaser (the client will be informed by e-mail message). The claims processing period starts on the day the goods are received by the seller and ends on the day the resolution of the claim (correct goods or refund of money) is dispatched, and it may take a maximum of 21 calendar days. In the event that a claim is not recognized, the goods will be returned together with an explanation in writing.