Does your firm regularly invest in advertising? Do you have the feeling, though, that while many people know what you have to offer, they’re not interested in it because they see you as a firm whose sole aim is profit? Then you’re in the right place. Do you regularly donate to charity? Do you suspect, though, that charity organizations misuse other people’s feelings mainly in order to increase their own wealth? Then you should decide to financially support book culture, because every kind of great art has always needed to be supported by society’s overproduction. In return we offer you advertising in any book which is published thanks to your participation as a sponsor. Write to us if you want this book to feature in the media and be distributed in Slovakia or in other countries through our publishing house. If you choose other countries, you will be supporting the publication of a translation of a work by a Slovak author by a partner publishing house with which we will have a contract to ensure that your advertisement together with the book will feature in the media and be distributed in above-standard manner in the country of that publishing house. You will also become familiar as a patron of literary arts for the visitors to our web site, because once we have signed an advertising contract we will immediately include you in our Partners and Sponsors section, where you will have space for your logo and web link to your firm. You can more details of our offer in the Advertising, Book Printing and Books Sponsorship sections.