1. The Pectus publishing emphasizes the plurality in the field of literature, doesn’t prefer one author at the expense of another and the most important is quality of literary piece in the context of contemporary Slovak, European or world literary scene. Pectus tries to be accommodating for publishing books of debutants or less known authors independently on the fact, whether it is Slovak or foreign writer.
2. We propagate books through all available Slovak media, and we make the presentations of authors in the biggest slovak towns which include the reading, performance and selling the books. The partnership with local libraries is very important for us. We propagate books also through literary magazines in Czech republic.
3. Work of our publishing does not end with book printing. The cooperation with reliable book distributors and booksellers, with whom we provide the orders, is invaluable for us. To bridge some leaks of Slovak distributive network we organize the propagation of books published in our publishing in the form of catalogues for households, companies and state institutions. We organize street sale and virtual bookshop as well.
4. In the same way we care about foreign authors books publishing. Therefore we mix in with all foreign institutions that cultivate their own literary culture when presenting their authors on Slovak book market. We are also interested in propagation of the foreign high-class literary works in Slovakia as well as notable Slovak literary works abroad.