Pectus artistic association was founded in 2006 and its aim is to help authors’ creative work to become more known, as well as to propagate and present national and foreign authors, to organize literary and artistic events in Slovakia and abroad. The main coordinator of Pectus company is Radovan Brenkus, who is writer, translator and critic. As Pectus company we bring into effect our activities through the book publishing in our own publishing house. In the interest of Pectus goodwill we develop important serious co-operation with foreign organizations that want to propagate literature of their home countries in Slovakia.
Pectus publishing house was founded as a part of Pectus artistic association. It is focused on publications of original and translated poetry and prose. The main book series are Domesticum and Externum. The Pectus publishing house keeps on the interest in co-operation with renowned critics, TV and Radio editors, magazines’ and newspapers’ editors. Also we co-operate with professional translators. The add helphand gives Ľudovít Petraško, Etela Farkašová, Peter Karpinský, Dana Podracká and the others. The part of the team are Martin Müller (language editor), Pavol Tupaj (graphic designer), Karol Pavlík (illustrator). Managing director of the publishing is Mr. Radovan Brenkus.