Pectus publishing house, Košice 2016

Mária Kočanová: Mojmír’s son

Svätopluk experiences the childhood in times when the Slavs get acquainted with Christianity through the Frankish priests. During the games with his peers he develops the characteristics which the future ruler should have – brightness, bravery and power. He shows those characteristics during the expedition into the regions inhabited by mysterious Heruli. He needs to deal with the loss of his friend Vilo, who as a propagator of the new doctrine becomes a victim of adherents of old faith, paganism... Mária Kočanová (born in 1890 in Kostoľany nad Hornádom and died in 1976 in Bratislava) is the author of several books for children and adults (Legends of Šariš, Silent Monk, etc.), published by Saint Adalbert Association till 1948. Her works also included drama production, especially for the radio. She lived in Prešov except the last years of her life and she worked as a teacher in Solivar. The highlight of her creative forces was to be a trilogy of the Great Moravia times she started to write in the interwar period. However, only one part of the trilogy remained in existence and was published as With Perun on a Shield in 2014. The novella Mojmír’s Son consists of two separate chapters of this part, not included into the published novel. Further destiny of the future Moravian prince had to be reflected in other trilogy parts.