Pectus publishing house, Košice 2016

Janka Halušková: Drops and their Friends

Behind a village, no matter how near or far, there is a forest and behind the forest there is a meadow and behind the meadow there is pond. Water lilies look good on the water surface, fish are playing hide-and-seek and tadpoles are splashing water on all sides. Many a time the wind blows. It makes ripples on a grass, slips in the treetops and blows in a cloud where all of a sudden the drops Drip-Drip and Drop-Drop fall from. It seems that landscape life flows gently and nothing can disturb its order. However, the sisters get to know the frog Croakie and learn that water disappears from the pond, which is an indispensable gift for life. In order to save friends from a disaster, they try to look for the cause. They stay awake all night and reveal the culprit. And yet they won’t overcome difficulties easily, new obstacles appear.