Pectus publishing house, Košice 2011

Janka Halušková: Who is living with Barborka

It was a rainy afternoon and Barborka noticed that her favourite green colour pencil disappeared from the table. Such things sometimes happen. But the next day a pencil sharpener was lost. This has already started to be suspicious. Barborka started looking and she found a box from her new sandals under the table. She could not, however, open the lid and there was a strange hole on the side. She was very curious, so she looked inside. And truly, she was absolutely amazed by what she saw. Completely different, yet a little bit familiar world has just opened in front of her... Barborka is going to reveal a big secret. There are things happening in the house from the box, which really remind her of home. And every day she can look forward to further surprises. How will this story end? Let's read the story of Barborka together, because something similar can easily happen also to us. Just keep your eyes open. And read.