We are delighted that another work of art from our publishing house has been released in a prestigious Polish publishing house Abilion which prefers valuable to simplistic, ordinary or fashionable literature. This is the case of a collection of legends entitled The Seaguard by Ľudovít Petraško. The author reached out to East-Slovak legends from Šariš, Abov and Zemplín in order to approximate them to a contemporary reader in his own version. Despite the fact that the book is suitable for especially the youth, legends show distinctive features of literature for adults. Without these features there is no fairy tale, either.

This makes us happy more than ever because our work (even if it is not our primary aim to be strive for best-sellers and we do not publish what a vast majority wants) is not useless. The book is available for readers, who are nevertheless incapable of choosing something in the seemingly rich book market, because a large quantity of book titles merge in one. It’s no wonder, already Nietzsche expressed himself on the current state of reading and writing, but it is enough for illustration: “Who knows readers makes nothing for them. One more century of readers and even the spirit turns musty. The fact that anyone can learn to read may be ruined in the end not only by writing, but also thinking.”