When there is an apparition of a woman in front of a poet, let’s say in things which she used to touch, such an illusion does not have to be accompanied by a consciousness of reality. Precisely the title of the collection "You can only stay like this" concurs with the need to dream, but at the same time it implies that a real departure has become a permanent one and consolation takes place only at a mental level. "Metaphysics" in this poetry, seeing the other behind things, gives mostly an impression that there is still something left.

The very discussion whether Romanticism or Realism should be preferred in literature is a complete waste of time in the same way as a dispute about the material and spiritual in philosophy. Indeed, literature moves in the inability to reconcile these opposites. The romantic-realistic nature of Klohna’s poems was also disclosed to the inhabitants of Bardejov who came to listen to its verses in Dávid Gutgesel’s District Library on October 3, 2014. The discussion with the author took on a form of a festive moment. The book was christened by Ľudovít Petraško.

Reviews for the book You can only stay like this (in Slovak)