The authorial discussion with Ľudovít Petraško and Peter Karpinský will take place on April 29th 2010 at 5.00 p.m. in the Photo Gallery Nova on Hlavná Street 28 in Košice. The authors will present their latest literary works to public. Ľudovít Petraško will present his novel Bygone Times (Lanské snehy) on the line between fiction and reality observing the variability of the previous century by the form of period family chronicle and Peter Karpinský his short story book Antisumption (Nanebonevzatie). By his novel not only from Slovak environment, Petraško literally links to German tradition of "father novels" and Karpinský links to the best what in contemporary Slovak short story exists. Presentation of both authors is connected with autographs giving.

Ľudovít Petraško was born in 1949 in Šarišské Lúky and he is a writer, publicist, literary critic and academic. He finished his German and Slovak studies in Prešov and Rostock and works at the Institute of German Studies of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Prešov. He publishes radio plays, translations and reviews. From prose, he published In This Town In This Moment (V tomto meste v tejto chvíli, 1979, TV play 1982) and Random Passers-by (Náhodní okoloidúci, 1987).
Peter Karpinský was born on November 3rd 1971 in Gelnica. He lives in Spišská Nová Ves and Prešov. He works as chairman of the Department of Slovak language at the Institute of Slovak Studies, General Linguistics and Media Studies at the Faculty of Arts of the Prešov University. In addition to literary production, he is engaged in linguistics, theory of comics and reviewing of books, mainly from the literature for children and youth. His works were translated to Polish, Czech, German, English and Italian. In 1997 he made his debut with his short story book Notice for All Owners of Graves (Oznamujeme všetkým majiteľom hrobov) for which he was awarded the Rubato Prize and Premium Ivan Krasko Prize. From his children production, the fairy tale books How We Were Pit-patting With the Pit-patter (Ako sme s Ťukťukom ťukťukovali, 2001, The Best Fairy Tale Book Award – winter 2001) and Fairy Tales from the Museum of Mysteries and Secrets (Rozprávky z Múzea záhad a tajomstiev, 2007, The Best Fairy Tale Book Award – winter 2007 and Literary Fund Award) were published. He is the author of the radio bedtime stories cycle Fairy Tales from the Museum of Mysteries and Secrets (Rozprávky z Múzea záhad a tajomstiev, 2004), fairy tale cycle Celestine (Celestín, 2009) and also radio fairy tale plays Crown of the Time and Blue Goat (Koruna času a modrá koza, 2002) and Honey from Icy Flowers (Med z ľadových kvetov, 2005).

Invitation for authorial discussion.