From 10th to 12th November 2008 Košice was the venue for the first edition of the Litteriada literary festival, this time presenting the contemporary Slovak, French and Polish literary scene. The Pectus Civic Association and Publishing House in cooperation with the Slovak Writers' Society and the Slovakian PEN Centre prepared multi-media presentations for the public of Slovak and foreign authors. The foreign guests on the French side were Laurence Tardieu and Philippe Claudel, while the Polish side was represented by such names as Wieslaw Zieliňski, Marta Šwiderska-Pelinko, Adam Decowski, Janina Ataman-Gasiewicz, Zbigniew Domino, Janusz Termer.

In this edition of the Festival, Slovak literature was represented by Peter Gregor, Anna Valcerová, Ireney Baláž, Juraj Kuniak, Mária Bátorová and Boris Brendza. Separate literary café sessions were held in two places – the J. Bocatius Public Library at 5, Hviezdoslavova Street and the State Research Library at 10, Main Street in Košice. Their aim among other things was to show the public the character and creative potential of contemporary Slovak and foreign literature in intercultural dialogue outside of the so-called official literary mainstream, and to build up appropriate conditions for cooperation in literary culture on an international level. The Festival also featured presentations of the latest books by some Slovak authors: Peter Gregor: Idiots Guide, Anna Valcerová: Summer Snow. With the foreign writers present as guests, the following books were presented in Slovak translation: Zbigniew Domino: Polish Siberiada (Poland), Philippe Claudel: I Give Up (France) and Laurence Tardieu: Nothing Lasts (France). This Festival was able to take place due to financial support from the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic. The Festival's media partners were Regina Radio, Slovak Television, TV Naša and the Daily Korzár.