Publishing house Pectus in cooperation with the State Scientific Library in Košice and Goethe-Institut in Bratislava invites the public for the presentation of a book The Dead Guest (13 mystic stories from German classic). Mysterious or even horror stories owe their continuous popularity to several circumstances. Many classical writers fascinated by anticipated reverse side of our existence visited also these "corners" of literature.

Anthology, which was compiled, translated and supplemented with editorial comments by Ľudovít Petraško, contains 13 German authors from the period of Enlightenment till World War I. Some of these authors are quite well-known for us (J. W. Goethe, E. T. A. Hoffmann, H. von Kleist, T. Storm, L. Tieck) and some of them we don't know yet. Their narration uses the contradiction between what we know and its unexpected consequences. Feverish effort of our publishing houses to deliver the latest news on the market causes that we have a growing deficit in relation to the world's classic. Many works, although available in Slovak language, require a new translation. Meaning of the anthology lies also in filling up this gap. Readers can also familiarize themselves with classic German authors by the way of really attractive genre.